My name is Mathias Renner. I studied Information Systems (M. Sc.), and specialized in energy efficiency and data analysis.

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I have been working in the Information Technology (IT) industry since the year 2009, and gained experience in all common IT-related roles until today, e.g. software developer, consultant and project manager.

“Bitleaf” as the combination of IT (“Bit”) and ecology (“leaf”) was born out of a fundamental inner motivation: I understand IT as a tool – like a hammer that can be used for constructive as well as destructive applications. My sense of responsibility therefore dictates that I use this tool to meet the challenges of our time: the threat to our living space earth. All current serious risk analyses list ecological threats as the greatest risks of our time. In this respect, I would like to use the tool IT to exploit the potential of ecologically sustainable solutions – for a good future – for ourselves as well as for our descendants.

In addition to the ecological challenges of our time, I am also interested in the question of how the progressive digitalization of society can be shaped according to fundamental European values. At the heart of this discussion for me is the guarantee of data sovereignty and data protection for everyone.

By the way. As is well known, the cobbler should start with himself: This website is 100% “ecological.” It is powered by 100% renewable energy and built with 100% open source software.

I write on other platforms, too. They are listed here.

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