A tool for everyone to improve Ubuntu 18.04 – fully automized within just 5 Minutes!

I am proud to release a piece of software that everyone can use to achieve three goals:

  • Maximize usability by installing apps that most users require regularly
  • Maximize security and the user’s privacy
  • Minimize the occurrence of errors in a long term

And all that without reducing the usability of Ubuntu. It won’t limit how you use Ubuntu or slow it down. Quite the converse, it will speed it up. For instance, my tool will install preload that learns which software you use and pre-loads it. Your software will be up faster when you eventually ask for it.

Why should I use it?

Unfortunately, Ubuntu extended its data aggregation practices in recent years. Canonical, Inc., its manufacturer, has increasing interest to integrate services that collect data from users. This strategy is not in line with the ethics of Linux, which I promote. Thus, I published this piece of software to configure Ubuntu in a way to be free again – free of data collection services. It helps everyone to easily say goodbye to Amazon services or usage behavor reports, which are enabled in Ubuntu by default.

At the same time, I extended this software to optimize Ubuntu also for enhanced protection of a user’s privacy when browsing online. E.g. it installs a set of Firefox add-ons against common tracking techniques. It also hardens Firefox, i.e. changes its internal configuration to be more effective against tracking. Of course, most of a user’s trackability is still up to his users browsing behavior and to how he uses more advanced plugins like NoScript. NoScript is not installed using my tool here it’s not easy to use for everyone.

My tool will also install the most basic software I highly recommend for everyone to use. Think about a clipboard manager or a screenshot tool with a rich feature set.

What exactly does it do?

For instance, it…

  • Removes unnecessary software, i.e. needless dependencies, old kernels
  • Updates your installed software
  • Installs useful tools, i.e. Java, Teamviewer, a clipboard manager, chromium browser
  • Increases privacy protection, i.e. removes amazon, restricts Ubuntu to send reports to Canonical, Inc.
  • Installs Firefox add-ons for better privacy protection and hardens Firefox

At the beginning, you are asked about which tasks you want the tool to do:

All done within just 5 minutes

This software is easy to use and not depending on specific user behavior. It’s intended to help everyone, regardless if he uses his Ubuntu just for browsing or for professional video editing.

It takes about minute of downloading and starting the software, and about 5 minutes of watching the software performing its magic – it’s really that easy!

How to use

Visit its Github page and get started. If you have any feedback or suggestions of how to improve it, please open a Github issue, create a pull request, or leave a comment! There are many options to further improve the tool. Let’s collaborate on it!

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